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Joseph N. Teti, ( Dual Survivor Co-Star ) GWOT, OIF & OEF, Military Combat Veteran POSER Blog of Shame

Updated 24SEP14 - Added Video Section near bottom of the page - QM3

                               A brief summary of the Teti's Military Phonies Blogspot

Keep up with efforts to bring awareness of Teti's claims:

a) It is not a fake site, it is just run by someone who split from the  stolen valor site, doesn't make it fake.

b) None of the documents are made up or fake, some stuff is  lacking due to poor military record keeping.

Example- it says he was out of the Army in 2000, but that's  incorrect, he was in until 25 DEC 2001.

Clarifying and summarizing the links and documents:

1) On the page, the FOIA documents show he got out in 2000, BUT, he was actually in until, 25 DEC 2001...

Meaning, he was IN SF at 9/11


Stop loss was coming into effect 27 DEC 2001 for National Guard...

He bailed to get out of war, never having seen combat in USMC or  sf

He took tax payers dollars and government training then abandoned his post and his brothers at war time.

These are plain and pure facts- his choice.

Note- that is a real CALIFORNIA NATIONAL GUARD printout on the page and it shows he WAS IN SF in the guard during 9/11.

That unit was mobilizing for war!

Some were ALREADY MOBILIZED and at BRAGG on 'Operation 

Noble Eagle' orders.

He did get an honorable discharge on 25 DEC 2001, as no one was paying attention, because everyone was standing by for war.

Every other SF guy was chomping at the bits to get into the fight  after 9/11 and he slid out- intentionally...

Note here- stop loss was already in effect for active duty and exceptions to policy were being made all over to get ALL SF BACK into service- but he quit when needed most at nation's darkest hour.

He lied about not being in at 9/11. When caught, he lied when he stated he went straight to CIA. Unless, straight to CIA mean 3 yrs later.

Two newspaper articles on the site show why he got out. Not to go directly to war with oga as he claimed, he didn't do that until summer of 2004....

He got out to try and stay in Vegas and make money off the war by teaching cops about bad guys, read his own words-

Vegas Sun, L.A. times articles interviewing him in OCT 2001- he was still in SF then.

See his resumes on line, there are many false claims and many forms of his resume, all from vetted sources

None are falsely created by anyone but his own hand.

He claims to be an Sergeant First Class?

He was a buck sgt who just got SSG in summer of 2001.

Claimed combat force recon in Lebanon, he was in their reserve and he never went to Lebanon.

Never did a handful of other schools he claimed on those resumes.

Claims he went to DELTA, too and he used his VFW card to fool people as "proof" he was a combat vet.

His Twitter page, also posted he claimed he was a 20 yr SF vet to make folks think he was retired and therefore, legit.

Best count, he had 12-15 yrs total. Any military-retired, knows what that means

Recently claimed, 2 months ago that he was a uniformed combat veteran of 2 campaigns...

Lied to Christians, for payments - that makes it a crime.

Claimed to be a 5 yr CIA combat vet

He was only a contractor and only worked for them 2 yrs, contract was not renewed "with cause."

No one is taking away from his legit service: 

He was in the Marines, but no one has seen his USMC DD-214  to show his real qualifications

He did make it through the special forces qualification course, although, he was asked to leave every unit he was in for bad conduct, theft, bad checks, and much worse.

His last unit at 9/11, when he was most needed, he quit during war time.

Publicly, this appears as dereliction of duty to the American people and seems like abandonment of post to his sf brothers.

He lied about not being in SF at 9/11, not true, he was in SF.

When caught, he lied about getting out to go right into CIA, not 

true, he went 3 yrs later.

Since then, he has claimed all his rotations were "tours of duty"
and all his contract time, for $1K/day, was "his service"

 In a pic he posted on line,he hurt his knee on a training accident in a truck on base and claimed he was removing shrapnel then led folks to believe he had earned a Purple Heart.

This list reads like some bad dime store novel, but that is the man, claiming to be the hero and role model of SF.

Check it out, all the facts are there.

No one has yet seen his Army or USMC DD-214's and no one has  seen his guard equivalent NGB-22.

 Joe Teti claims of being a "USMC COMBAT VET" from Beirut. He's

 not in the database for being awarded a CAR or a Humanitarian


 Military Times Article

 This Ain't Hell Truth about Joe Teti

"This Ain't Hell"article series - The Truth About Joe Teti;

 This Ain't Hell Joe Teti Discussions Continue
This Ain't Hell"article series - Joe Teti Discussions Continue;

 Confusion In the Temple

He was discharged from the US Armed Forces in May of 2000. He worked as a Private Contractor in Iraq  and A-stan during OIF & OEF. He is not and never was a combat Veteran of the US Armed Forces. , Claiming that he re-enlisted in the US Army & served 5 years in Special Forces. 3 tours in Iraq & 2 tours on Afghanistan

Joseph Teti showed horrible character and bad choices at a time we needed men to fight
C) Two news paper articles on line show that Joseph Teti was not serving his country but rather starting a business to make money and remain stateside.

Triple Canopy Company was not founded 

until after the Iraq invasion of 03 and Triple 

Canopy did not get the operational contract

 until 04.

Interesting Videos on Teti's claims:


  1. These records are a bit confusing, which is encouraging because at least I know I'm not the only joe getting his records messed up by the gov. You say he left the Army (NG) in 2000, but there are records here from 2001 and 2002. So, which is it?

    I agree he should be busted for saying he was IN when he wasn't, like following 9/11, but you say he fought with CIA SOG in both Iraq and Afghanistan. So, to say he isn't a combat vet of those conflicts is a little bit of splitting hairs. I'm sure there are a lot of CIA people who would beg to differ with your description. Not an ARMY combat vet of those wars, but isn't he still a combat vet of OIF/OEF?

    Maybe there is more out there and I'm just not seeing it. Either way, keep up the good work.

    1. His FOIA ETS date was 5-01-2000. He was still ITR when 9-11 occured. But instead of re-enlisting . He chose to work the private sector. His claim of working for the CIA are his self proclaim. He can't tell what his job was with them because it's suppose to be " Top Secret ". But then he wants to list it. If it was top secret, He wouldn't have mentioned it to begin with. And in refernce to him being a combat Veteran. I'll rephase, He is NOT a Military combat Veteran.He has lied about re-enlisting on Although he says he can. With his Military history, He can not even join the VFW as a regular member. If he was in OIF & OEF, He was there as a private contractor . Which means he could have left any time he wanted to.He wasn't there under Military orders.

  2. Joe did work in Jerusalem for approx three months in 2002 as part of the DOS/ DSS/ WPPS contract so the time he list as working for TC or OGA is questionable as his time frame for Israel is VERY wrong the mission didn't start until 7-2002. Joe left THE Israel detail early claiming he had an abdominal issue. So he did not even complete one rotation. Needless to say his 1 year contract. He made clams while on the team he was an Instructor at a particular SF course. One of the other Detail team memebers was a real former group guy. He verified with his contact ( real SF instructor) that Joe Teti was NEVER an instructor at the course and as far as he knew never even attended the course he claimed to have instructed.

    So I cannot see how Joe was working for TC then OGA in 2002 when he did less than 3 months in Israel during a portion of 2002.

  3. Wow! On a night like tonight, when colorful stars light the sky reminding us how indebted we should be to our vets & those still overseas, this exposé is disheartening.

  4. Not once have I ever said that I was a part of There was a mis-understanding about the banner that I was using which has been resolved. The assumption that I was a part of was made up by none other than Teti himself. And he can whine all he wants. The bottom line is that he is not a Military Combat Veteran. And no amount of tough talk is going to change that.



    1. is one place you can look bright one. And the only thing that complained about was the use of their banner. Which at the time I didn't know belong to them.Using Caps lock isn't doing anything but make you look even more foolish.


      I've seen several places where Teti had made the claim, or at least gave the impression, that he was a combat veteran of the US Military. Perhaps he hasn't directly said it in your mind but to many who read his bullshit claims his inference (that's a big 5 dollar word for you tough guy) is that he was in OIF and OEF as a US Military member when the facts are he never was.

      Now if you wish to continue playing INTERNET TOUGH GUY why don't you just go crawl back into your hole and stay there. As my DI would say...WHEN I WANT YOUR FUCKING OPINION I'LL GIVE IT TO YOU!!!


      Co-Star of Discovery's show Dual Survival
      Veteran of both military and government special operations units And
      Joseph Teti is a veteran of both US military and US government special operations units. He is a former Force Recon Marine, Army Special Forces “Green Beret”, and a former operator in a highly classified government counter-terrorist unit.

      He is a combat veteran of both OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) in Iraq, and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) in Afghanistan. He planned and conducted a broad range of special operations missions covering the entire operational continuum. These missions gave the President of the United States an option when overt military and / or diplomatic actions were not viable or politically feasible. Operations of this nature required rapid response with surgical application of a wide variety of unique skills, while maintaining the lowest possible profile of U.S. involvement. He participated in numerous classified direct action missions with several Tier 1 SMU’s (Special Mission Units).

      Joseph has performed high-risk PSD (Personal Security Detail) operations in Afghanistan and Iraq for U.S. government and civilian clients. He was also a member of a U.S. State Department close protection team assigned to several high profile government officials and visiting diplomats in Israel. Working out of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, and the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem, he operated in high risk areas throughout the country to include Ramallah, Abu Dis, Jericho, The Gaza Strip and the West Bank. He has extensive experience and training in fully armored vehicle operations, advance team operations, motorcade operations, CAT (Counter Assault Team) operations and surveillance/counter surveillance operations.

      A graduate of over 30 formal schools in regards to special operations, his skill sets and experiences are highly diverse. He has attended several survival schools over his career and is one of a few individuals in the world that hold an instructor certification in tactical tracking operations from legendary tracker and former Rhodesian SAS (Special Air Service) and Selous Scout,
      David Scott-Donelan.

      He has held a TOP SECRET-SCI with polygraph security clearance, the highest security clearance awarded by the U.S. government.

      Professional Affiliations
      Special Forces Association | Member # M13305
      Force Recon Association | Member # 2493
      North Carolina Sheriffs Association | Member # 44296739Twitter updates
      No public Twitter messages. Follow Joe

  6. Mr. Hughes...I am a lady so please refrain from using profanity. I have read the info you have posted here. I have never served in the military, however, my brother served 4 years in the Marines. I have had him look at these documents. I have also read Josephs bio on his website. Quite frankly, I don't see why you are conducting your self so dishonorably. Joseph is a former Marine, Force Recon Marine to be exact. He is a former Special Forces soldier. His time as a government operative fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan Im sure is highly classified. Fact is he did fight in the GWOT, with multiple tours in both countries. His records are indicative and in line with what he has posted on his website. If you have not looked, please take the time to see for yourself What I cant wrap my head around is if you state and you have that this is a Stolen Valor page, what does his business affairs have to do with that? I seen copies, whether they are real or faked of businesses he has owned and have closed. What does that have to do with Stolen Valor? The answer sir, is that it does not have anything to do with it. It is a very obvious attempt to discredit Joseph. Personally, I have not met a single successful person that has not failed many times in business. What that shows is your intentions of mixing facts and trivia. It is very obvious Mr. Hughes that some of these "documents" have been altered. Why? Again, this does not look favorably for you. Are you a veteran? If you are, why don't you call Joseph and discuss this matter with him man to man. I have never spoken to him, but I have read his posts on his FB page. I am sure he would talk with you about it if you asked. Personally, and I am sure I speak for many many people, Joseph has served our nation honorably...his records says so. He voluntarily joined a very secretive government special unit to serve his country once again. He did not have to do this...he did his duty. How on earth you and others could not want to shake this mans hand, and thank him for the sacrifices he and his family have made for our nation is shocking. This man is more of a combat veteran than most people that have served. Whether he was in the military or a government operative, the facts are he fought in combat, therefore he is a combat veteran. You may disagree, but you sir have decided to take a very dangerous path in which has lead to this man getting a death threat in result of you and others actions. I sincerely hope you did not have anything to do with the death threat, but if you did, or were connected with it in any way, I hope you get what you deserve. If you didn't, I hope you learn something from this post. You play a very dangerous game that one day may backfire on you. Sincerely, Marla

    1. He was never Force Recon, Only Recon. And if his alleged job as a government operative fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan was so highly classified.He wouldn't be talking about it AT ALL. He has offered to pay me $10,000 to meet him in private for 10 mins. At which I accepted with the stipulation that he send the $ 10,000. to first as a donation to them. He refused. So that's the end of that. Nothing has been altered here.Also I don't make death threats to anyone. Joe Teti is no one to me.Just another ass-clown who has been caught embellishing an otherwise outstanding career as a non-combat Marine Recon & SF National Guard

  7. Mr. Hughes, if I can bring your attention to the 4th document on your page. It clearly states 2ND FORRECONCO 2ND FSSG FMFLANT CAMP LEJUENE NC. If you are not aware, and clearly you are not, FORRECONCO stands for Force Recon Co. 2nd Fleet Services Support Group Camp Lejuene NC. My brother is a Marine and pointed that out to me yesterday. What do you think FORRECONCO meant sir?

    Get your facts straight, you are only making yourself look incredibly uninformed. And yes, Im sure what Joseph did was very secret. That is why he has never come out and told who he worked for. How then sir would you explain his years in Iraq and Afghanistan and the pics he has posted? How would he explain that?That he was a trash collector over there? As far as sending you $10,000 to meet, after seeing how you operate, do you think this man is stupid? After reading all of this, and coming to my own conclusion, it is very obvious Mr. Hughes you have much to be forgiven for. I am a very compassionate woman, but I feel that showing you compassion right now would be foolish. I asked you not to use profanity as I was a woman, and yet you could not help yourself by calling Joseph a profane name. Why? Are you that uneducated that you can not communicate your thoughts in an adult manner without cursing? I find that hard to believe. You appear to be a very angry man, for whatever reason. Possibly because of your own short comings....I don't know. I hope you have people in your life you can talk to Scotty. Family is very important. Maybe they can help you through this difficult time. What do you call highlighting, underlining, adding text etc.? They are altered docs, clearly. I am a in the IT business. It is very obvious that several of these documents have been copied and re-copied, with several obvious font changes. Ever so slight to the untrained eye, but I can see it. If I am not mistaken, that is against the law for tampering with government documents. Can you please answer my question in my previous email.........What does business matters have to do with Stolen Valor? Thank you, Marla

    1. His MOS stayed the same 0321. No matter what unit he was assigned to. And as for cussing, I could care less what you want. This is my blog & I'll talk the way I want. Nothing has been tampered with on his FOIA. If you don't believe me. Than file for his records yourself. Like I said This ass-clown means nothing to me !

    2. I do so love how people choose to post their comments anonymously. Grow a pair of fucking balls junior and post vwith an alias at least.

      Ok several things are wrong with your illogical line of thinking and I shall detail them as follows...

      1) Just because it shows that he was ASSIGNED to FORRECONCO 2 FSSG does NOT mean he was Force Recon. Perhaps your "brother" should check for Teti's USMC Job MOS designator. Force Recon is a different MOS entirely from basic Recon. If your "brother" were a Marine he'd know this or at least he'd have checked for it first BEFORE he made that statement.

      2) Just because I am ASSIGNED to an SF Unit (I'm not but I'll use this as an example) does NOT make me a Green Beret.
      a)I could be waiting for a slot to open for me to go to the SFQ.
      b)I could need to get some TIS/TIG in before I can attend the SFQ.
      c)I could be in a support capacity.

      Any of these are valid reasons why a person could be ASSIGNED to a particular unit. Teti has claimed Force Recon but yet nowhere is his MOS designator that of a Force Recon Marine so I suggest you back the fuck up asshat and learn to properly read an NPRC file. You show your true ignorance by trying to come on here pretending that your "brother" pointed this little factoid out to you and thus your intent to show up Scott by posting this little factoid. Well dumbass once again you FAILED and your true ignorance shows. Please go the fuck away and leave the ADULT conversations to the ADULTS.

    3. p/s...Marla Thank you very fucking much for your concern about my use of fucking profanity but this is America and I did fucking serve as a MILITARY member, not a fucking civilian contractor, in Afghanistan so I have fucking earned the right to "speak" as I damn well fucking please.

      If you do not like my choice of words please feel free to discontinue your use of this page as your little playground for those of us who might be to ignorant to stand in your glorious presence.

  8. OK for those of you who are new to this world of idiots and asshats that we refer to as Stolen Valor thieves and Military Embellishers let me give you a quick run down on one basic factoid that seems to be a common theme with many of you.

    If someone tells you that what they did was classified or top secret and they can't talk about it but then they post this same shit at various locations online and on what appears to be a resume' that should be a clue they are full of shit.

    If someone works for the CIA in a TOP SECRET or SCI capacity they are NOT going to be posting it online or listing it on a job resume'. That kind of shit could wind them up in a Federal Prison for violation of the rules they agreed to when they went to work for one of the many alphabet agencies. It's also a teaser for them to play on the unsuspecting civilians who would not dare to ask because they would not suspect they were being played like a fish on a string.

    If you are going to make claims to being something you best be able to back it up. I take nothing away from Teti's service and what he accomplished but if he is such an honorable person he could have simply ended this by clarifying the misconceptions he left out there that he was a Military Combat Veteran rather than an independent contractor who could leave the operations theatre at anytime. A Military member cannot do that but Teti could have.

    It's this simple lie or misconception that may lead to more being found out about Mr Teti and could result in his Discovery Channel show being pulled. In the end the proper thing that Joe Teti could do is simply remove the bullshit and make it clear that he was a CIVILIAN Contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. That alone takes some balls but apparently they aren't big enough for him to man the fuck up and clear this matter from his world.

  9. This page is a joke. Joe teti is the real deal. You should respect the guy for fighting for you while you were putting together this bullshit fake page!

    And kiss his fucking ass for doing not under a military order but as a contractor who could have turned down the order to stay home. Instead he fought!

    That is something to honor! there is no lie about his combat experience! You say this website is to honor solders when all you do is try to shit on there name. I know some bad cats there are not SF but could run them into the ground. Not to take away from SF, but that is not the be all and end all of Americas armies forces. Not sure who is behind this site but I know who has a hand in it. A damn bigot with too much time on his hands and to much shit in his brains!

    Joe teti is the real deal! If you don't like it then I don't give a shit, but facts are facts & you should go make something of yourself instead of trying to bring everyone down! Your not a warrior but a coward behind a PC

    1. Hey fucknut while you are talking about respect how about some for a Combat Veteran like myself who did it under some of the most austere conditions you can imagine. Teti's contracting gig has nothing on what I went through when I deployed to Afghanistan.

      Facts are facts and at least you recognize that but are so ignorant about the rest. We aren't shitting on Teti's time in the USMC or the ARNG/SF. What we are shitting on is his pathetic manipulation of the truth and how he lies about shit hoping he'll never get caught. He did get caught lying and now he wants you and the others to "protect" his pathetic reputation. Too bad the landslide that is the beginning of the end for Teti has already begun. He started it when he refused to clear the air regarding his vague claims. He could have simply stated he was a civilian contractor but instead he stated he was a combat VETERAN. Anyone with a 1/4 of the required brain power would know that many civilians would see this claim as his being a MILITARY Veteran. Ask a civilian what they think of when you say Combat Veteran. 80% or better would say Military.

      Grow a pair of balls assclown and use a name or alias. Perhaps you are scared that we will see you for the dumbass you truly are. As for me I'm the knuckledragging US Army Infantryman who spent time downrange as a MILITARY COMBAT VETERAN.

    2. who the fuck are you calling a troll Hillbilly? LOL

    3. Flashbacks from the Donut muncher flat lander..LOL I should have known that you was gonna unleash on this fucking idiot.

  10. What I find funniest is that they removed Dave from the show Dual Survival for lying about shit and yet they continue to keep Joe despite his obvious bullshit.

    1. So assclown why not give us some details on your background since you seem to know so much about what I did and how I did it and with that Army at my back.

      Sit back and enjoy the ride fuckstick because I am about to take your idiotic braindead ass on a ride.

      FACT: Teti NEVER deployed to a combat zone while in the USMC or as a member of the 19th SFG(A). So yeah let's discuss that again.

      FACT: This Infantryman DID deploy to a combat zone and EARNED a CIB.

      FACT: Teti LIED or MISCONSTRUED what he did and who he did it with.

      FACT: I DON'T lie about what I did because I am proud of what I did and the fact that I have made it a career of nearly 21 years. (what about growing up?)

      FACT: I've got more time in the crap holes of this world than you probably have been out of diapers.

      FACT: I UNDERSTAND SPECOPS a lot better than you will ever know and I know that they don't operate in 2 man teams. Every ODA I dealt with (and there were several) were not 2 man teams. Even the SEALS don't operate as a 2 man unit.

      FACT: My deployment consisted of being located in the far western part of Afghanistan where the nearest Army for us was at minimum a 60 minute helo flight. Apache's from Khandahar were the closest Army we had.

      FACT: You make big talk here but have no balls to discuss Teti's very obvious inferences to being something he is not.

      My guess is you are probably some REMF POG or perhaps you were a FOBBIT down range and now you are trying to live vicariously through the adventures of Teti.

      A more likely scenario is you are some never been deployed jackass who likes to talk tough but would break down and cry for Mommy if an Army or Marine Drill Instructor looked at him cross eyed.

      I know I know... now you are going to claim that you were some big burly Swede Johanson type from Heartbreak Ridge and you were an Airborne, HALO qualified, RANGER/SEAL/SF (choose one) with multiple Silver Star, Bronze Star or PH awards from OIF/OEF/RH/ND/DS/DS.

      Spare me the fucking stories asswipe you ain't worth the salty sweat off my hairy balls.

      (p/s Spellcheck is your friend I'd suggest using it more often)

  11. WOW WOW WOW. Gentleman, I think the both of you that spoke to that woman who was talking politely to Mr. Hughes, to speak to her the way you did is disgraceful. Especially as veterans. You are giving a very bad inside look of todays veterans. Have you not read Mr. Teti's posts. He has admitted numerous times he was not was not a military combat veteran. I counted 8 times on several sites. He was with a government unit over in Afghanistan and Iraq........yes as a contractor...........self admittedly. Please take the time to do your homework. It is there for all to see. And as far as Mr. Teti's USMC MOS, I have checked myself, 0321 back when he was a Marine is the MOS designation for "recon marine" clearly stated on his documents above. It is also clearly stated he is a graduate of Amphibeous Reconnassiance Course, the only school at that time that was an MOS producing school for "recon marines". Just like BUDs is for becoming a SEAL. I don't get your point? My last and final point for you lovely gentlemen is this. The verbiage Mr. Teti uses in his bio and on the show, and in all of his information about his service with government was given to him by that organization. That is what he was told to say. You are correct, I am quite sure he would be in serious trouble if he revealed on TV or anywhere for that matter that he worked for some alphabet agency....would you not agree? If you don't like him calling himself a combat veteran.....that is your opinion, just like it is his opinion to call himself one. And from what I have read and seen about him, he is indeed a combat veteran, and then some. Be happy for your brother that he made it out of there, like you in one piece. Thank you for your service. Anonymous.........yes, I am to old to worry about people with anger problems.

    1. That's strange. When we first exposed him. I let it be known that he couldn't join the VFW as a regular member. Then one of his trolls post a VFW card that is suppose to be his & Teti's confirms it. The only thing was he wouldn't reveal the Post#. Said he knew we would be contacting them.. WELL NO SHIT.

    2. First and foremost how I "speak" is more of a habit than anything else and if someone finds my verbiage offensive they have the same right to leave as they had to come here and post. I refuse to change my personality just because someone finds it offensive. It's a 2 way street and when you poke the bear with a stick expect to get a reply you may not like.

      If Teti permitted his bio to be changed then he checked his integrity at the door and needs to be taken to the woodshed for it. See my above comment about poking a bear with a stick because if I was in Teti's shoes and they asked me to do that I'd tell them to F'ck off. The man apparently has a bit of a brain because he has been running his own business for sometime now.

      My understanding of a Recon and a Force Recon Marine is that one is a part of the normal Marine Battalions/Division whereas the Force Recon Marine is more of a SPECOPS unit. HUGE difference in those 2 jobs. The ordinary civilian may not know the difference and perhaps when it is discussed with them it should be explained.

      I have not seen any indications where he has stated that he was a Civilian Contractor and not a Military Veteran in OIF or OEF. Again I take nothing from his military service. The man was a stud to be able to earn the Green Beret and for that he has my respect.

      If he has any honor he can quit with his antics at another blog and simply come on here and clear this issue up. Once that is done I can assure you I will not bring it up again unless he steps out of line.

      That being said this issue is not likely to go away unless Teti makes it public either here or at TaH what you say he has done elsewhere.

      BTW but this issue would have been put to rest a long time ago but for some reason Teti seems to enjoy keeping it stirred and by doing so he only drives more people to this site and thus permits them to begin to question his background. The dude started this minor storm and he is the one who needs to end it.

    3. One more tidbit...

      They took another dude off the show Dual Survival for lying about his military background and replaced him with Teti. What do you think would happen to Teti if people started yammering about Teti's little lies?

      Seems that other dude was pretty well liked where Teti isn't liked near as much as yet.

  12. I don't know a whole lot about anything in the military, never served. However, I am able to do basic research online. Please correct me if I am wrong, after reviewing this guys documents that you posted, there is one that shows him graduating from SOWS 18B BNOC 24 weeks. From what I found online, in the special operations world, SOWS stands for Special Operations Weapons Sergeant 18B is the MOS (military occupational skill) identifier for a special forces weapons sergeant, BNCO is Basic Non-Commisssion Officer Course. All of which are pass or fail requirement to become tab qualified, Green Beret. This is not a support or admin or as you stated ASSIGNED. This man is a qualified Green Beret. 100%. If you still choose to say different, you are living in denial. And quite possibly somewhat jealous. I am not down playing you being an infantry man, but that is a far cry from a Green Beret. Please don't take that personally. It is not my intention. I respect you for serving in the capacity that you did. Thank you.

    1. OK I'll point you in the direction that this particular discussion emanated from.

      The comment was in relation to someone saying that Teti was part of FORECON 2 FSSG. This part is true and he was indeed assigned to this particular unit. That being said his USMC MOS designator never changed to reflect him being an actual FORCE RECON Marine. He was a RECON Marine but never a FORCE RECON Marine. This part is also in the paperwork posted above.

      The only explanation I can come to is that he was assigned to this unit in some support role which would make sense for it to show up on his paperwork without an MOS designator change.

      Teti is indeed a former Green Beret wearing member of the Special Forces and this has never been disputed. BTW I'm not jealous so much as disappointed in myself. I had wanted to go Special Forces but my swimming ability is nowhere close to what it would need to be to go SF. Now I'm simply too old for it. On that note as an Infantryman I am part of a very small group of people in the Regular Army and I hold my head high for that. :-)

      Outside of the brief explanation above your research is indeed correct.

  13. What lies???? You people keep saying he lied. About what?? Being a marine? He was. Being a special forces guy. He was. Being a government spec ops guy...he was. Am I missing something? Was he a military combat veteran, he says he is not, publically. Is he a combat veteran....a veteran of combat.....yes. Whether I like him or not, which I think he has a very strong will to survive, and a freak of nature physically, Dave may have a edge skills wise. Either way, I have learned a lot from both.

    1. He was never a government SPECOPS Guy. If he is saying he was he is full of crap. He was a CIVILIAN Contractor and there is a BIG difference between that and being a Government SPECOPS Guy. Unless you mean the fact that he was in the 19th SFG(A) then yeah I suppose you could say he was a Government SPECOPS guy. :)

      Ok so perhaps he didn't "lie" per se but in the initial information I read he was definitely clouding the fact that he was a CIVILIAN contractor and by reading that info it could be easily misconstrued by the civilian world what he truly meant.

      As I stated above (I wish people would read through the posts and not skim over them) the civilian world will inevitably think of a combat veteran as a MILITARY Combat Veteran and when told that the person was a CIVILIAN Contractor combat veteran the opinion changes somewhat. You might not be able to see it but trust me it is there. For some reason civilians and military veterans tend to look at civilian contractors,like Teti,as mercenaries and I suppose by the true definition of that word they are indeed mercenaries. Right or wrong civilian contractors are thought of differently than a countries actual Military Combat Veterans.

      It is this "shading" of what he did in Iraq and Afghanistan that got many Military Veterans upset. We (me and the Hillbilly) just happen to be more vocal about this issue. If he has indeed made this public then he should have no issue coming to this blog and stating as much under his name and not anonymously.

  14. Just posted some more to his BoS. Never a Military combat Veteran . But wants to claim to be a regular member of the VFW. What's wrong with this picture!

    1. He needs to show service in a combat zone not service in time of war.

  15. Did you work with Joe in the government? That is a yes or no question. If your answer is no, you have absolutely no way to prove he wasn't a spec ops guy of some secret unit. And by the way, many people have written books about it. Go check out

    So you saying "you cant talk about it he is full of crap"....I'm sure Billy Waugh would beg to differ. And if Teti was in some high speed low drag unit, and I tend to believe he was, he has talked and acted exactly as someone from a unit like that would. I appreciate your passion, however, it is misplaced. He has admitted numerous times he was not a military combat veteran, I have seen it for myself. I seriously doubt he is going to admit it for your pleasure on this site. Just saying. I seriously doubt this guy has the desire to have to deal with the drama or the time either of this blog, but if I had a death threat in regards to what you are saying, my advice is to be extremely careful. That is go to jail stuff. If you are in anyway shape or form connected with it, I promise you that you will see jail time, and rightly so. Good luck.

    1. So explain why he wants to act like he is a regular member of the VFW if he is stating that he is not a military combat Veteran.

    2. To answer YOUR question the answer would be NO.

      Now... did YOU work with Joe in the Government? Kind of a Yes or No question so if the answer is No then YOU have no way to prove he WAS a Government/CIA SPECOPS guy.

      I know quite a bit about the military and I would be willing to bet that Teti is not everything he has claimed.

      Yes people write books about being in the CIA and various missions. I own a couple about Afghanistan. Those books have to pass muster from the CIA or they risk doing Federal time for it. This is done in order to prevent secrets and operations from being divulged. You will also see this done usually after a person has retired and after a certain period of time has passed in order to protect OPSEC. You won't see someone who recently left an alphabet agency writing a book about current operations.

      Can he talk about it? Yeah but I seriously doubt that anyone who worked for an alphabet agency is going to be posting a resume' full of information about working for the CIA-SOG and holding a TS security clearance in places that Teti has posted his. Those people swim in circles that ordinary folks like you and I couldn't get into with a truckload of dynamite thus I doubt his CIA claims are truly valid.

      Furthermore you don't find people going around openly talking about being a member of an ultra secret organization that they can't discuss with anyone. That's kind of a oxymoron.

      "I was part of this ultra super secret group that I can't talk about with you." Uh hello you have already started that snowball rolling down hill so why stop now? (BTW the comment in quotes is sarcasm and not what is attributed to Teti)

      In the above photos you will find many things attributed to Teti that just aren't typical of someone who did what he claims. This is a tease just to puff up his appearance of being a bad ass when all he needs to say is I was a Marine then went Army SF. That's bad ass enough.

      Was Teti a Recon Marine? YES

      Was Teti a FORCE Recon Marine? NO

      Was Teti an Army Green Beret? YES

      IS Teti a MILITARY Combat Veteran? NO

      Was Teti in Iraq and Afghanistan? YES as a Civilian Contractor.

      For some of us Veterans this is a matter of simple honor, pride and integrity. Apparently Teti has been making it known that he was a civilian contractor and if this is the case good for him. Whether or not he comes here to make it known is up to him but hopefully he can understand why his brother veterans take offense to even the APPEARANCE of lying about someone's career.

  16. Tell ya what...why don't you click on my "name" and you'll get to my profile. You can go from there.

    I do see you have made a step in the right direction and chosen a name. Glad to see you think that highly of me. :-D

  17. if what you're saying is true Mr Hughes then why hasn't the real Stolen Valor organization done anything about it, must be a conspiracy I guess or are you just a man with a chip on his shoulder

    1. Stolen only posts individuals who have been convicted in a Court of Law.( Mainly VA Fraud ).

  18. A little background in hopes my questions can be answered. I am not military but my Dad was in the Navy and worked Civil Service Air Force. He was a Master Mechanic and also worked for the OSI. I myself worked several years as a civilian on Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard bases. Many of my family and friends were or are active duty and Combat Vets. So I have some knowledge of military.

    I am not a huge fan of Mr Teti, Mr Hawke, or Mr Canterbury, but I respect them all for what they have done and what they do. They all currently are trying to teach others how to survive when the time comes to rely on your own skills. I enjoy learning some things from each of them. Knowledge is power to live. Anyone sharing the power to live, deserves respect.

    My questions are as follows. Isn't combat, combat? No matter how you look at it, dodging bullets, rockets, grenades, IEDs etc is the same no matter how you serve. A family cousin died and is entombed on the USS Arizona during Pearl Harbor. My father and I were given his first name in honour of him. He was a Store Keeper. Does that make his sacrifice less than if he was a fighter?

    So regardless of how a person is in combat, they still deserve the respect due them. Mr Teti volunteered to fight and stayed. First as a Marine, then Army, finally as an Alphabet soup soldier.

    My next question is this. Aren't the Alphabet soup soldiers the ones who have to do most of the stuff the military can't do, legally? Don't they get all the credit or blame for messy things? Aren't they the ones who if caught are treated the worst? With the exception of SF military anyway? Then aren't most of the Alphabet soup soldiers required to have SF training and experience? Especially those tasked to work with regular SF? You don't assign a SEAL team to a group security guards who never shot a gun except to qualify, do you?

    It seems to me to be a bunch of nitpicking. EVERY military person I know embellished something during their selfless service. Mr Teti is not claiming to be a SEAL or other SF falsely. What difference does it make if he saw combat as a contractor or soldier? None to me. Both are doing stuff I can't and are putting their lives on the line to ensure my country is protected.

    Which is no different than what Mr Hawke has done. He too put his life on the line to serve my country. It saddens me to see two honourable men fighting like new Sailors and Marines over who is tougher. Who cares? You both are willing to give your life to serve my country. That should be what matters. Focus on those who NEVER served in the military and are claiming they did. THOSE are the people who deserve NO respect and are true Stolen Valor thieves.

    1. The difference is that the Military personal are there under orders.They can't leave on their own accord like a contractor can.This exposure is to show that Teti was never in a combat zone while he served in our US Armed Forces.

    2. All I see there is the information that was releasable. Which is just the general service information. It doesn't prove anything unless you second guess it. I don't think special operations files are releasable.

    3. Missions are classified. A persons Service record isn't. If he served with a unit, It would show on his ERB .. And it would list the dates that you served with that unit.

    4. to use a quote from a SEAL poser hunter...there are classified MISSIONS but there are NO CLASSIFIED SEALS (or in this case Green Berets)

      Teti's missions might be classified (if went on any) but his personnel record is readily available to any who have the information and file the correct form. His personnel file will contain that information which is releasable under the FOIA. This info includes schools attemded, awards and rank at discharge.

  19. Noticed several discrepancies in all his claims, for one, he doesn't even know the names of some of the schools he claims to have had......PLDC is what now??? It has never been called Platoon leadership Development course... and EST is what it is... he claims to be in a combat zone when no combat was going on at that time....he's fluffed the hell outta his resume


      WLC (warrior leader course)WAS PLDC BEFORE THE NAME CHANGE, not supporting him, just pointing the fact out. its the basic nco course for the army.

    2. Uh, the point being it was not called "Platoon Leadership Development Course" - as Teti has listed it. Fact is, PLDC stood for "PRIMARY Leadership Development Course". Primary vs Platoon, which Teti should have known. And yes, you are correct in that PLDC was changed to WLC (Warrior Leader Course) on Oct 15, 2005, according to the link provided below.

  20. Never seen any proof that he was in Beirut in 83 and I know a lot of people who were there then .Not one person there remembers ever serving with him there .

  21. Can I get clean copies of these documents?

  22. Did Teti mislead or lie I do not know. I did not serve, but my husband and uncle and many friends did. I respect ALL people who are willing to fight to keep our people free and safe. I hear a lot of anger in many of the previous posts and I cannot image the things you have seen or done in your service. My only real reason for this post at all is simply and respectfuly to say THANK YOU ALL for your service and God Bless you, from a safe and free member of the USA.

  23. When I served as a Force Recon Scout Swimmer assigned 2nd Battalion , 22 MAU/MEU from 1983-1989 the Force Recon mos was 0321, there were battalion Recon Marines as well, but I dont believe the additional MOS was used until Force became part of SOCOm as MARSOC. At least as I remember it, but then, I was active when the Great Commandant Gen Gray was around. We worked with all units, Seals,SF,CC/PJs, Rangers etc, we may not not have always got along but we knew the falg on our shoulder patches were the same. I agree with the poster who stated that this issue is really miniscule compared to an individual who lied about military service or tried to pump up their service record. Anyway, God Bless this mess, Devil Dog All Day Everyday. Gunny Sgt. V. Mabry

    1. Gunny this issue would be minuscule if Teti weren't profiting from his bullshit.

      /salute and thank you for your service :)

  24. I just finished reading all of this page and have several thoughts. First, I have never liked Joe Teti not since the first time I saw him on Dual Survival, he never seemed "real" to me, not to mention his arrogance. My husband served in the Army, and never did he, nor any of his friends act the way Joe does. I believe he is all you say he is, and he should be ashamed for sullying the name of the Armed Services where so many good men, and women have given their lives to keep their country safe and free. What really amazes me is that so many people just accept what he says, how many people on FB fall for the lies men and women tell about wh they are. So they are smart enough to not believe someone telling them they are with the CIA ( I actually had a man tell me this) or whatever, but because a Reality actor says it, they believe it?
    You keep on telling it like it is, truth is paramount in all areas of life, and the honor of serving belongs to the ones that actually served.
    Thanks for your service Sir, my hat is off to you and I appreciate your service, from the bottom of my heart.
    Alison Miller

  25. After looking at the records posted above, seems to me he spent ALL of 1983 TAD or Fap. I was 1371 in the Root with 24th MAU when the Blt was hit & we had recon right next to us on the 3rd floor. So.... I just asked a surviving member of recon that lived in the room next to me if he had Teti in his platoon and the answer was NO ! With that & the records above as evidence I would say this guy is %100 a bullshitter. I will continue to think that until I'm proven wrong. Also I have never posted on here before so not sure how my name will appear I am Lee Benzo Sr. I was a combat engineer (1371) in Beruit with Charlie Co, 1st Plt, 2nd CEB attached to BLT 1/8, 24th MAU.