Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thomas Bruso aka "Vietnam Tom " aka "Epic Beard man" Vietnam Veteran, Poser Blog of Shame

                                                                 Bus Fight
                                                     Rampage after the fight
Bus fight Interview
                                             Another Bus Fight Interview
Wikipedia ;

Was drafted, Spent a total of 3 months the the US Army before being discharged. No overseas duty. 

RE-3 reenlistment code, NDSM  and rifle qual. are the only awards and medals.

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  1. At least he was in for 3 months unlike many other posers who never served at all. This fellow is a manic depressive who has been mentally ill for years and years. I doubt that his memory is all that good.

    1. He has no grounds to call himself a Vietnam vet and act the way he does because he never even went to Vietnam. He's not fucked up from Vietnam he's just fucked up.