Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thomas Bruso aka "Vietnam Tom " aka "Epic Beard man" Vietnam Veteran, Poser Blog of Shame

                                                                 Bus Fight
                                                     Rampage after the fight
Bus fight Interview
                                             Another Bus Fight Interview
Wikipedia ;

Was drafted, Spent a total of 3 months the the US Army before being discharged. No overseas duty. 

RE-3 reenlistment code, NDSM  and rifle qual. are the only awards and medals.

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  1. At least he was in for 3 months unlike many other posers who never served at all. This fellow is a manic depressive who has been mentally ill for years and years. I doubt that his memory is all that good.

    1. He has no grounds to call himself a Vietnam vet and act the way he does because he never even went to Vietnam. He's not fucked up from Vietnam he's just fucked up.

  2. I've heard them use the term Vietnam Era Veteran to cover themselves