Thursday, October 4, 2012

John R. Spodofora Navy SEAL Vietnam Vet. POSER Blog of Shame

         Spodofora sticks to his phony guns


  1. Earl G MCPO USN (RET)October 4, 2012 at 9:26 PM

    The Vietnam Medal of Valor came from the Safari Club International, a hunting club. He has admitted that he is not a Navy SEAL nor was his feet in Vietnam. Shortly there after he said he would not run for re-election, then he decided he was and is back in the race. He requested the help of Congressman John Runyan and NJ Senator Chris Connor to assist in declassifying his service record so he can set the record straight. The Navy did come back with a DD215 update awarding him with a Navy Expeditionary Medal. The issue is he served from 196-73. There is not an award for his time in service. I have sent a congressional inquiry and contacted the Navy Awards Office and asked for clarification. The vehicle to deliver this message is a 70 yr old Korean War Vet in this article:
    If you go to Fake warrior you can watch the webcast of the town hall meeting where I confronted him again and was met with complete disrespect and contempt.

    1. Earl G.. Once you have the clarification from the Navy Awards office or a copy of his dd-215. Will you please make sure that the Fake Warrior project gets a copy of it.
      Bottom line, You & I both know that missions are classified . But a person's Military record isn't. Even with a Top Secret security clearance. His 2-1 file is still going to show what unit that he was assigned to . And his dd-214 & FOIA release are going to list what schools & training he attended . Plus they are going to show what awards & medals that he earned. There is nothing in his service record to be de-classified. This lying POS embellish-er is just blowing smoke rings now. He is like a cat trying to cover his pile of dung before the stink gets out & hinders his re election.

  2. I love how Anthony poole is commenting on this.... what a psychopath