Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bruce Allen Pendlay, US Army Special Forces , POSer, Blog of Shame

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Special Forces Poser Patrol Post

Professional Soldiers.com http://professionalsoldiers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47939

Johnny Joseph Wesley Smith, aka Wes Smith, US Army , 5th Special Forces Group, 75th Ranger, Scout/Sniper , POSer, Blog of Shame

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INFANTRYMAN (11B) and 11M -- Mechanized Infantryman are the only PMOS's held. No secondary MOS's and no QUALIFICATION from Ranger School . Three years, seven months time served.   

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David Moore, US Army , Retired SFC , POSer , Blog of Shame

Awards_Claimed: He verbally tells stories of Special Force work He used this embellished story to become a private investigator in Florida in 1988 or 1989 He had a business Protective Services inc from 1989-1994.  He has done security guard and executive protection since. He uses the military claim to do business now as LIVE TO RIDE LEATHER MOTORCYCLE APPAREL, LLC . And with The Executive Solution Ft Lauderdale Florida

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Christopher N. Blystone , US Army , Medic,160th SOAR , Battle of Mogadishu , POSer , Blog of Shame

Multiple MugShot photo's of him on the web. 
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I am requesting that a copy of the following document(s) be provided to me:
1) Any sort of enlisted proof that Christopher N. Blystone. From Winnsboro TX. WITH a DOB of
2) If possible a copy of his DD214 or any other verification forms.
3) Date of Enlistment and Date of Discharge as well as Discharge Status.
4) Job description and Rank.
5) Was he the Medic that rescued Petty Officer Marcus Luttrellback in 2005… ( Lone Survivor).
6) An eight year Veteran of the U.S. Army. He served with the 160th SOAR as a flight medic in
Somalia, Bosnia and in Kuwait before returning home to the states for the remainder of his tour.
During his service he received the Combat Medic Badge, a Meritorious Service Medal and Army
Commendation Medal with Valor (1 oak cluster). During this time he was only 17 years old. And claims
he was a Combat Medic with the 160th SOAR His unit was “Blackhawk Down”
Can the following claims be validated: (Military Bases he claims to have been stationed at).
New London, CT -- (No Date)
Ft. Knox, KY -- (ND)
Ft. Hood Army Base -- (ND)
Ft. Bragg, NC -- 1993
Ft. Campbell, KY -- 1994
US Air Force Base Ramstein, Germany -- 1996
Camp Casey, Korea -- 1998
Groton, CT – 1999

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lewis J. Byrne Jr , US Marine, Combat Wounded , POW , POSer , Blog of Shame

Awards_claimed: He claims he was a POW as well as a Purple Heart recipient. He wears his fake medals out in public and has used his impersonation to receive discounted items from businesses in and around Houston, TX. 

Picture of him sporting his fake Purple Heart, and other fake USMC pins and or medals.

One Month, 14 days. Early Entry Separation 
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Caesar Aguilar US Marine, Recon, Scout/Sniper , POSer , Blog of Shame

Convicted Felon !! 

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8541 and 0317 are the same secondary MOS for Scout/Sniper . 17 MEU does not exist . He doesn't list any MOS's for Recon. And his Classified Covert DEA opts. are missions in his own mind. 

No record of him on file at the NPRC

No record of him on file at the HQMC