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James Deon Korfhage , US Army Ranger, POSer , Blog of Shame

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David N Demulle aka David Mulle , US Army Vietnam Combat Cameraman, POSer, Blog of Shame

                      Vietnam Combat Camerman

By David DeMullé
Olina Lowe had asked me
about uniforms some time
back and it brought this story
to mind. One day in the ‘Nam,
as I was walking back to my
hooch, it began to rain heavily;
it was monsoon season and
in minutes I was soaked to the
skin with the red mud creeping
up my legs.
I knew that my clothes
would eventually dry; and it
was just one more inconvenience.
I remember the lowhanging
dark clouds that reminded
me of South America
were blanketing the base. Visibility
was, at best, fair. My
SOG team was not going to
fly that day or any time soon,
so I didn’t give the conditions
much thought. As I climbed
the steps I was thinking about
the cold water cooler we had
“borrowed” from the ARVN
headquarters. Cold water was
like the highlight of the day
and signaled another day of
total boredom as we awaited
our mission. I took my clothes
off and hung them up to dry. I
picked up a towel to dry off
and found this camera I had
wrapped in it that my fiancé
had given me, with explicit
instructions “to send her pictures
of me in-country!”
And then all hell broke
loose, a KABOOM! And very
close! Damn, were we under
attack? I didn’t hear the fence
alarms go off. Something had
exploded. Reflex kicked in;
grabbing a satchel of grenades,
launcher and submachine gun,
I was out the door, hitting the
ground, looking for Charlie to
come over the berm. And silence.
No more sounds. A
small crowd was gathering on
the pathway and everyone was
looking at a huge plume of
black smoke and fire 100 yards
away. Everything was happening
in super-slow motion. Everyone
seemed paralyzed.
Maybe there were survivors?
Rather than look at it, I ran towards
the smoke cloud at full
speed. Half way there I could
make out the profile of a helicopter.
The tail designation
and markings were Vietnamese.
Closer still, the smell hit
me. I was not sure exactly
what it was. It was mixed in
with burning fuel and cooking
helicopter parts. It was bad! It
was burning human flesh! I
wanted to vomit but somehow
held it together. Surprisingly, I
was the first one on the scene.
The heat was so bad I could
not get very close. I was close
enough to determine that the
pilot and co-pilot were dead.
Just as well. There was nothing
I could do.
Strapped in their seats, the
pilots didn’t look that bustedup.
They had burned to death
in the raging fire. The pilot’s
plastic flight helmet had melted,
and as it ran, solidified on
his chest like a frozen vanilla
ice cream that had dripped
from a huge cone. The dead
co-pilot’s face flesh dropped
off in sheets and layers as he
continued to cook. They were
almost beyond recognition as
humans and soon would be
smoking, black charred mannequins
with facial bones now
exposed. Looking back on the
scene in my mind, they reminded
me of a Halloween
skeleton’s costume. Where
were the rescue crews and fire
trucks? The forgotten camera
still in my jump bag, I picked
it up and began to shoot but
don’t really remember doing
The fire was put out. Things
quieted down. I turned around,
vomited, and walked weakly
back to my hootch. It began to
rain again. The rain on my
bare skin felt good and I realized
that I didn’t have any
clothes on. I turned around to
look at the mangled helicopter.
It was sizzling in the cool rain.
Clouds of steam were rising
off it, mixing in with the
clouds, just another day. As I
walked back, several members
of my team and a regular Army
2nd Lt. were looking at
me. He wanted to know why I
was out of uniform. I hate
I didn’t wait for a reaction.
As he started to say something
more, I looked at him and
said, “You want to live?”
I entered the hootch and put
on my skivvies. For the next
couple of days, everyone said
I smelled like s*** or something
worse. I didn’t care.
Later that week, I took my
film to the MAC-V photo lab
for processing. It couldn’t
have been more than a day
gone by, and I was summoned
to Command & Control. The
Lt. must have taken my threat
The MAC-V boss and the
Commander of the 600th Photo
Squadron were sitting in
the back of the room and the
cherry Lt. was standing at the
door. Feeling uneasy, I prepared
for the worst, then
thought: “What can he do,
send me to Nam?” or worse,
send me back in the bush? I
had developed a “tude.”
My boss stood up, told the
Lt. to leave and told me to
“take it easy.” He had my
photos spread over his desk.
He walked over to me, put his
arm around my shoulder and
asked, “What made you shoot
those helicopter pictures?” I
told him that I had no idea, it
just happened. All he said
was, “Great shots! You have a
new job.” And that, boys and
girls, was how I became a
Combat Cameraman.

Merle Todd " BJ " Johnson, US Navy SEAL, POSer, Blog of Shame

He claims to be a former SEAL who was bayoneted by a VC and killed him, of course. The wound on his hip is from surgery for a tumor which got him a medical
discharge from the Navy as a Seaman Apprentice. He never served in Vietnam, as he was not old enough. Now he lies about his age so that he'll be old enough to have
Merle Todd "BJ" Johnson is (or was) a Deputy Sheriff with the Christian County Sheriff's Dept. He's been making false SEAL claims for years, and on two occasions
when I tried to contact him by phone he was "on a different shift" but the phone dispatcher knew him as "a former Navy SEAL". L.E. Officers across the nation have
been trained by his outfit in Ozark - Academy of Professional Trainers (or something similar). He's told many classes of students that "I was slitting throats in Vietnam
when you were pooping in your pampers", and claimed to have the record for "the most hand to hand kills of all SEALs in the Vietnam conflict"... but in truth he was
only about 13 years old when the Vietnam War ended for US forces.
When the first list of Authorized CONCEALED CARRY Trainers was published by Taney County Sheriff, Jimmy Russell, it included Johnson's outfit. I personally
visited Jimmy Russell, gave him an autographed copy of my book, and informed him about Johnson's false claims. At that time Jimmy told me that he "knew about Mr.
Johnson", that he was personally acquainted with an ATF agent who had confronted Johnson and told him to "cease and desist" all such claims or "suffer the
consequences". Presumably those consequences would include loss of accreditation as an instructor and loss of employment as a Deputy Sheriff with Christian County.
Jimmy made the statement in such as way/tone as to end our conversation at that point. He thanked me for the book, and my concern, indicated that things were "well in
hand" and then indicated that he had to return to his work... so I left.
I had heard somewhere a couple of years ago that Johnson was not alone... that there was another SEAL imposter who had been dumped by another department -
Springfield PD I think - but he'd transferred to or was picked up by the Christian County Sheriff's Department... and that he and Johnson were "best buddies". ....... I'd
heard later that when the Christian County Sheriff lost the next election, that "BJ" Johnson's job as a Christian County Deputy Sheriff ended shortly after that. To the
best of my knowledge he's still running the Academy of Professional Trainers.

1 year, 6 months, 1 day. Discharged an E-1

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Jonathan Michael Cook, US Army Special Forces , POSer , Blog Of Shame.

Claiming Ranger / Special Forces. Combat Wounded and Medically Discharged after serving for 12 years. Actual ; He didn't even last two months in Basic.

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To whom it may concern,
I am not any sort of media, I am law enforcement in a rural part of West Virginia. I have ran across this douche bag on two occasions now- once about a month ago and again yesterday.
The first time I met him, he was in the passenger side of a vehicle that I had pulled over. He was wearing a desert BDU top and a beret (I can't remember the color)
. I noticed he had a Ranger tab and a Special Forces tab on his top. I asked him if he was Special Forces and he said he was. Through conversation, he admitted he never made it through the Q course but a friend gave him the tab so he wears it to pay tribute to them. I ask about the Ranger tab and he said he definitely was a Ranger. I had other pressing issues to take care of so I let him and his girl go.
Fast forward to yesterday (08-09-14). I'm driving through a small backwoods town and see this guy walking around wearing ACU bottoms, military boots, a black tank top, and an ACU cap. I drove by him the first time because I was busy but I came back later and he was back again so I pulled in to talk to him. Turns out to be the same guy from a month ago.
His cap has the Special Forces tab and his tattoos speak for themselves (please see attached photos). I spoke with him again, this time more in depth and "learned" he was in the Army for 12 years and he started out as a crane operator but couldn't cut it there so they "stuck" him in 11B. He says they then sent him to airborne at Fort Benning. I ask why he left the Army after 12 years instead of retiring and he said they made him get out because of mental problems and shrapnel in his leg. I asked if he deployed and he said yes and that he deployed to Tikrit. I said, "Afghanistan?" He said yeah. I guess my facial features betrayed me at that point cause I started smiling and he said no, he got wounded in Afghanistan but Tikrit was in Iraq. He said he was getting ready for (starts whispering for some reason) Operation Anaconda. I asked again about his Special Forces tabs and he said a friend gave it to him and his friend told him he could wear them. I asked about his tab tattoos and he said he got them on "base". (I haven't known very many Soldiers refer to their place of operations as the "base") He said that Rangers are considered special forces too so he thinks he can wear the tab and his friend confirms. He again said he didn't pass the Q course cause he had trouble with the "smarts" part of it. (If you actually speak to this guy, you will agree with him that he has trouble with anything that has to do with "smarts")
Anyway, I don't believe for one minute that this guy was a Ranger and it's a toss up if he was really in the military at all. This idiot is strolling around the small towns down here portraying himself as a war hero and certified badass. I have mentioned him before after the first meeting and some people knew him as the Army Guy.

1 month, 26 days

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Joseph R. Weeks, aka Joe Weeks , U.S. Air Force, Para- Rescue , Silver Star Recipient , POSer, Blog of Shame

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2 years, 1 month and 7 days. Never Deployed. no Medals or Ribbons. Security Specialist was his one and only job.

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Jim Davis , aka James Davis US Navy, Submarine Service , POSer . Blog of Shame

   A  Phony Sailor  operating a Non licensed Veterans Charity    

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Mr. Jim Davis Self proclaimed founder and CEO of Veterans For Change, for years, posted on thr VFC website that VFC was registered 501(C)3 non profit organization using a Tax ID of 27-3820181 and a Calif Dept of Charities ID of CT-0190794. Right up until 03/14/2014, he continued to solicit "tax deductible donations over the internet that he CLAIMED were to be used to help veterans in need. However, after thoroughly investigating his operation by checking with the IRS Charities search website using that Tax ID, as well as the name of his organization, I found out that VFC was not a registered 501(C)3 and had never been. So then Called IRS (877) 829-5500. 12/30/2013 SPOKE WITH Ms Yates id number 0195571. She stated that Veterans For Change Organization is not recognized by the IRS as an official 501C (3) organization either by name and address or via the tax id/Employer Identification Number (EIN) of 27-3820181 that they have listed on their website. Following that, I checked the Calif A.G website looking to see if his Charitable Trust was valid and found out that it had been suspended. Even though he was not eligible to do so, Mr. Davis repeatedly sent requests over the internet on many, many occasions soliciting tax deductible donations that he CLAIMED were to be usedto help veterans whose nameshe used in those solicitations. He included stories that sounded very fishey and many of which had way too many similarities in them. But, when Mr. Davis was asked to provide contact information for those vets so that tghe stories could be verified, Mr. Davis refused to providfe that informationm stating that it was embarrassing enough for the vet to have asked for help in the first place and they did not deserve to be further humiliated. When I began conftronting Mr. Davis with this via emnails, he began a series of threats to me via emails and posting letters to his group in which he made false allegations about me and in one case he even called me a "traitor" to my fellow veterans. I have copies of all of this if you need it as proof

John Gagnier
SSgt, USAF Veteran

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